Inject Your Wardrobe With Yellow

Being the quiet, shy, mousey sort of girl that I can sometimes be I tend to stay as FAR away from bright yellow as I can!

Neon pink, purple, green & even orange I can stomach but all-out yellow makes me shiver with fright. I envy those who can pull it off whilst looking cool, confident & suave.

Theoretically speaking – since I have dark hair & oliveish skin, yellow should look fantastic on me and so whats to fear? there’s just something about it which screams HI LOOK AT ME and makes me run a mile…however…whilst flicking through an arabic magazine I came across this beautiful outfit – j’adore – minus the earrings (hideous) but the dress oo la laa!

Dress from Blumarine

Granted, it’s not entirely yellow and the cynic in you will be screaming WOMAN can’t you see its black? but the splash of yellow is vibrant enough for me! I also love the contrasting lilac shadow – that’s not a combination I would have immediately thought of.

Can you brave yellow?
What’s your colour nemesis?


Art On Yo’ Face حنان النجادة

Loyal readers!

Surely you’ve been wondering where I’ve been? Eaten by a wild bear, fallen off the edge of the earth or just you missed my random quirky posts…god knows I missed writing them 😦 but I was absolutely swamped in revision. Had my first exam…one down, three to go…

Today i’ve got a little something different for you. Yep thats right, to apologise for my absence I’m sharing an awesome make up video!Yes Make up, the secret arsenal of every intelligent woman…

Forget Bassam Fatouh & Hala Ajam…there’s a new face in town, and her name’s Hannan alNajjadah!

I’m on mobile so not sure if its embedded. The video is in Arabic however she does state the products used…My fave products have to be the MUFE bronzer used for contouring & the Shu Umera foundation

Ahhh I can barely stop myself from ordering all of the products mentioned online and seriously flashing some plastic, however, I shall control myself…-deep breaths-

Will you be trying this look?

3abaya com entry

Since its the first time I’m using polyvore I don’t think I’ve done that bad!
Admittedly, its not awesome but there’s something we could work with…
or am I just kidding myself?

3abaya com entry
[edit] my mum just told me the dress is hideous and does not go in the slightest
she suggested a camel rust shade bordering on red; but won’t that be too much red?

Those Kitty Cat Eyes

Striking sultry eyes, ridiculously long lashes, a flawless complexion and nude lips – Lebanese singer Rola S’ad most certainly rocks this look. If its one thing Arab women are famous for its their smokey kohl rimmed eyes.

– Line the waterline with a soft white kohl pencil – this serves to make the eyes appear larger (if you’re tanned opt for a nude shimmer liner instead, as white can look quite harsh)
– Use a black gel eyeliner or dark slate grey to frame the eyes taking care to leave both corners of the eye empty (this gives the illusion of elongated eyes)
– Blend away harsh lines for a soft feminine look, and apply top liner to the upper eyelid, blend outer edge with a dark grey to rid harsh lines
– Apply your falsies and tonnes of mascara

ta da