The Ramadhan Eed Post

As many of you are probably aware Ramadhan has drawn to an end and ‘Eed is nigh!

The blessed month of Ramadhan in which fasting is prescribed is akin to a preparatory course..

In it we are encouraged to become god-fearing; to rush towards good deeds, spend profusely in charity and save our tongues, limbs and hearts from any evil – in short to reach the peak of spiritual excellence.

Whilst detoxing the self from both physical and spiritual maladies we are also told to spare a thought for the poor.

Though we abstain from food we know at the end of the day at sunset our kitchen tables will be groaning under the various items of food..Biscuits, sweet pastries and warming broths

Food is one of the key points of both Ramadhan and ‘Eed its the focus of the conversation, the R in in the Ramadhan and its pivotal in bringing the family together!

We didn’t make so much this year for ‘eed but heres a couple of snapshots from both Ramadhan and our prep for ‘Eed – hope you all get a flavour of the excitement!


There’s absolutely no celebration which is complete without a bunch of flowers


Soft doughy bread rolls stuffed with a spicy courgette onion and chicken filling


My brother bought me not one but three cheesecakes! Isn’t he lovely?


Don’t be too harsh it was my first time making Baklawa so its a little rough around the edges!


What I love most about Eed! Henna. Took me ages to do and I nearly fell asleep in between..


Henna on the inside of my palm – I know it looks freaky with four fingers but I cropped out my thumb lol

so there you have it! More pics tomorrow inshallah

And before I forget


Have a great one!


Ramadhan Delights

Nevermind that I’m always on a diet which almost never gets anywhere,
since it’s Ramadhan I thought I may aswell indulge in some baking.


Buttery, melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

Watch out Nigella.

Hairy tales – Sesame oil

It’s currently 10:49 pm, and after a pretty hectic and simultaneously lazy day i’ve finally managed to slip into my pj’s and write…

Saturday evening is a shamelessly bigoted -ME- day. Full of pampering, relaxation and beautifying…My brother dubs it ‘my air-head evening’ well..the quest of attaining perfection never ceases

So faced with the mind-boggling question of ‘what shall I indulge in today?’ came the unsavoury answer as my glance fell on my hair..

We’re all in pursuit of a miracle for our hair, and being women we’re rarely happy…poker straight, frizz free, luscious, vibrant undamaged locks, ya leyt! The dream. But did you know the simple application of particular super oils alongside a relaxing scalp massage (to boost circulation) can go a long way?


Take Simsim (sesame) for one!
Applying Sesame oil regularly to the hair strengthens hair roots, prevents excessive brittleness and split ends, and also works to nourish the hair shafts. As if that wasn’t enough its fantastic in healing scalp infections, and known to darken hair! Psst suffering from greys? I won’t tell if you won’t!

What are you waiting for? The key to gorgeous hair is in your hands!

Go slather yourself in natures liquid gold!