Skincare woes

I posted this picture on Instagram a couple of days ago but thought I’ll share on the blog too in the interest of the readers that aren’t on Instagram!

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So where to begin..

I don’t have clear skin.

No matter how many creams I slather, raw vegetables I munch on or how many natural concoctions I prepare I’m just not one of those ladies who’ve been naturally blessed with pearly clear translucent skin…

Don’t get me wrong I don’t have really really bad skin but it’s lack lustre and far from flawless.

I’ve begun to see a pattern infact – at max I get around 1.5-2 weeks of clear skin then the tell-tell signs of bumps ensue and then at that time of the month I get a vicious onslaught of under the skin bumps particularly around the mouth and jawline indicating quite clearly its a hormonal issue so theres not much I can do

After that problem and the bumps clearing up I am unfortunately left with the telltale signs of pigmentation and a whole bunch of marks that I am in a constant battle to get rid of – its a vicious circle.

In the quest to banish the unsightly marks off I went to Debenhams to pick up a mega 50 ml Clinique dark spot corrector – luckily for me it was at a duty free price and the sales assistant even threw in a few freebies!

So here’s my current regimen – i’d love to hear you share yours! A lovely lady on instagram recommended me to try Neostrata (anyone heard of it?) so ill definitely be looking into that!



(1) Elemis tri enzyme facial wash
(2) Clinique even better dark spot corrector
(3) Elemis rose and lavender bliss capsules
(4) Elemis pro collagen marine cream (Night)

Bi weekly Exfoliaters

I’m alternating between
(1) Liz earle gentle face exfoliator
(2) Clinique 7 day scrub
(3) Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel

Weekly Masks

Again i’m alternating between
(1) Liz earle deep cleansing mask
(2) Turmeric & Honey
(3) Oats rosewater and milk

and on top of all of the above i’ve been having fortnightly crystal clear microdermabrasion facials

Lets see how it goes – wish me luck


Art On Yo’ Face حنان النجادة

Loyal readers!

Surely you’ve been wondering where I’ve been? Eaten by a wild bear, fallen off the edge of the earth or just you missed my random quirky posts…god knows I missed writing them 😦 but I was absolutely swamped in revision. Had my first exam…one down, three to go…

Today i’ve got a little something different for you. Yep thats right, to apologise for my absence I’m sharing an awesome make up video!Yes Make up, the secret arsenal of every intelligent woman…

Forget Bassam Fatouh & Hala Ajam…there’s a new face in town, and her name’s Hannan alNajjadah!

I’m on mobile so not sure if its embedded. The video is in Arabic however she does state the products used…My fave products have to be the MUFE bronzer used for contouring & the Shu Umera foundation

Ahhh I can barely stop myself from ordering all of the products mentioned online and seriously flashing some plastic, however, I shall control myself…-deep breaths-

Will you be trying this look?

Flawless neck, ladies?


We’re all guilty of neglecting our neck, if you happen to be one of the select few who religiously include their neck in their facial routine I salute you! For the rest of us lazy bums, boo hiss, more often than not we tend to slather our faces in whatever we can get our mitts on but neglect the neck…

Did you know the neck is one of the fastest areas to age? why I hear you ask? well, the neck has less oil glands and thus is more prone to lines, wrinkles and all of those not-so-wonderful things…

If you too are a culprit, fear not! you can flaunt a radiant, polished neck with two simple steps

(1)CLEANSE the neck area twice a day – other than getting rid of daily grime it also aids circulation and eliminates the build up of dead cells

(2)RELIGIOUSLY moisturise with an appropriate moisturiser

Two simple steps to a more youthful neckline. Trust me, you’ll thank me later 🙂