Outfit Du Jour: Old and New

This picture is one that I actually posted a while back on instagram. Whilst its not exactly a full shot its enough to see the little details!

This is something that I would just chill around the house in, something super comfortable and cute – but doesn’t look like your pyjamas – lucky for you all I twisted the arm of my cousin to model *YAY*



Teal and maroon Jalabiya: Boutique in KSA

Tiffany inspired necklace and bracelet: Dubai Mall

Model: Cousin

Do you have any favourites to lounge around in?


Skincare woes

I posted this picture on Instagram a couple of days ago but thought I’ll share on the blog too in the interest of the readers that aren’t on Instagram!

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So where to begin..

I don’t have clear skin.

No matter how many creams I slather, raw vegetables I munch on or how many natural concoctions I prepare I’m just not one of those ladies who’ve been naturally blessed with pearly clear translucent skin…

Don’t get me wrong I don’t have really really bad skin but it’s lack lustre and far from flawless.

I’ve begun to see a pattern infact – at max I get around 1.5-2 weeks of clear skin then the tell-tell signs of bumps ensue and then at that time of the month I get a vicious onslaught of under the skin bumps particularly around the mouth and jawline indicating quite clearly its a hormonal issue so theres not much I can do

After that problem and the bumps clearing up I am unfortunately left with the telltale signs of pigmentation and a whole bunch of marks that I am in a constant battle to get rid of – its a vicious circle.

In the quest to banish the unsightly marks off I went to Debenhams to pick up a mega 50 ml Clinique dark spot corrector – luckily for me it was at a duty free price and the sales assistant even threw in a few freebies!

So here’s my current regimen – i’d love to hear you share yours! A lovely lady on instagram recommended me to try Neostrata (anyone heard of it?) so ill definitely be looking into that!



(1) Elemis tri enzyme facial wash
(2) Clinique even better dark spot corrector
(3) Elemis rose and lavender bliss capsules
(4) Elemis pro collagen marine cream (Night)

Bi weekly Exfoliaters

I’m alternating between
(1) Liz earle gentle face exfoliator
(2) Clinique 7 day scrub
(3) Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel

Weekly Masks

Again i’m alternating between
(1) Liz earle deep cleansing mask
(2) Turmeric & Honey
(3) Oats rosewater and milk

and on top of all of the above i’ve been having fortnightly crystal clear microdermabrasion facials

Lets see how it goes – wish me luck

Gingerbread Scrub

I have a weakness for all things sweet and when it comes to do-it-yourself beauty tricks a sweet scent is all the more pleasing!

To get rid of dead skin cells and leave your skin super smooth try the following simple scrub.

Note the pic below is prior to adding the almond oil then it turns a gorgeous chocolate fudgey brown hue!


Dark soft brown sugar
Granulated white sugar
Coffee granules
Generous amount of cinnamon
Few drops of an essential oil of your choice (i like lavender)
Sweet almond oil

Warning: You WILL smell delicious!

Do you have any favourite tricks up your sleeve? Come on now sharing is caring

And for some more of my Pearl Fetish

I just cannot get enough of pearls…and lets face it, which woman can? (think Breakfast at Tiffanys’)

Remember that drop-dead gorgeous pearl table centrepiece I blogged about here?

Well I’ve found the perfect shoes to match.

Wait for it.

*Cue golden light – chorus of angelic voices hymning*

Tad too much? Yes
Oestentatious? Pretty much
Completely unneccessary…guilty as charged

Still beautiful though.

|| Hesseh Abayas || What Fairy Tales Are Made Of

Being a woman who wears an ‘Abaya herself I like to keep on top of Abaya & Hijab trends.

Just as I can spend hours and hours traipsing around town shopping till my feet scream in agony, I can similarly squander away hours browsing through online Abaya fashion –  and I must confess, more often than not I find myself in a familiar sticky situation.

Ever recall yourself as a young child with your nose pressed tight against the ominous glass windows of a glorious sweet shop? Tummy growling, eyes as large as saucers gazing onto an array of colourful sweet treats – that exhilarating sense of excitement, trepidation and longing buzzing through your entire being?

Well…with the advent of the internet and the evolution of Abaya fashion I find myself in exactly the same situation. Yes i’ve grown up but not much has changed – except that  Abayas are my new object of desire..

Just when you thought you had seen it all along comes a designer with a new ideology concept and principles – and that’s exactly what I adore about fashion. There’s no boundaries. it’s wholely versatile.

Hesseh Abaya Couture
Website | Facebook | Twitter

My recent object…perhaps I should says objects…of desire are the Abaayaat from the newest Hesseh Haute Couture Collection. Like many other homegrown couture designers Hessa al-Obaidilis journey began at home in 2008.

“I realized that wherever I go, women would constantly ask me where I made my Abaya.” says Hessa.

Since then she’s progressed beyond expectations. Whilst I loved her previous collections her latest Spring Summer 2011 collection is simply…delicious.
Shot in the picturesque Gardens of Ninfa (Rome) everything is picture perfect – greenery, foliage, roses and ruins…looking through the photos you can just envision gorgeous nymphs and seductive sirens dancing around. I couldn’t help but notice her tweet revealing that these babies are the fruits of 5 months of hard labour; God you can tell – they’re divine.It took me a very long time to select my favourites and after much deliberating I was able to narrow it down to these beauties.

Yes you can be the belle of the ball!
This black silk abaya layered with a nude and lace accent will leave you feeling just like a princess…

Gold with a pop of turqoise chiffon. I dare you to find a fault.

This is definitely one of my favourites..no wait, thats a lie, all of the ones i’ve shortpicked are my favourites. I love the black lace complimenting the grey silk and drape. Classy!

I can’t even string up a comment for this. Just breath-taking.

What do you think of Hessehs’ Abayas? Which one is your favourite?To view the entire collection click here

Romantic Textures – A Love Affair With Lace

I love the texture, beauty and femininity that intricate nets and lace can present..

What with all the designers embracing lace (think Louise Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana) and the fact that its everywhere on our high streets (jackets/dresses/bags & jewellery) its no wonder they’ve also been incorporated into abayas..and with much success if I may say!

There’s just three words that come to mind – Pure unadulterated class.

True parisian glamour.

Designed by Anood al Hammadi from Beyonceh Abayas
Telephone: 0503893999
Blackberry: 27A23569
Prices range from 700 AED to 1000

Ladies, what do you think? Would you wear a lace abaya combination? Or is it one step too far? Thoughts please!