Inject Your Wardrobe With Yellow

Being the quiet, shy, mousey sort of girl that I can sometimes be I tend to stay as FAR away from bright yellow as I can!

Neon pink, purple, green & even orange I can stomach but all-out yellow makes me shiver with fright. I envy those who can pull it off whilst looking cool, confident & suave.

Theoretically speaking – since I have dark hair & oliveish skin, yellow should look fantastic on me and so whats to fear? there’s just something about it which screams HI LOOK AT ME and makes me run a mile…however…whilst flicking through an arabic magazine I came across this beautiful outfit – j’adore – minus the earrings (hideous) but the dress oo la laa!

Dress from Blumarine

Granted, it’s not entirely yellow and the cynic in you will be screaming WOMAN can’t you see its black? but the splash of yellow is vibrant enough for me! I also love the contrasting lilac shadow – that’s not a combination I would have immediately thought of.

Can you brave yellow?
What’s your colour nemesis?


Hairy tales – Sesame oil

It’s currently 10:49 pm, and after a pretty hectic and simultaneously lazy day i’ve finally managed to slip into my pj’s and write…

Saturday evening is a shamelessly bigoted -ME- day. Full of pampering, relaxation and beautifying…My brother dubs it ‘my air-head evening’ well..the quest of attaining perfection never ceases

So faced with the mind-boggling question of ‘what shall I indulge in today?’ came the unsavoury answer as my glance fell on my hair..

We’re all in pursuit of a miracle for our hair, and being women we’re rarely happy…poker straight, frizz free, luscious, vibrant undamaged locks, ya leyt! The dream. But did you know the simple application of particular super oils alongside a relaxing scalp massage (to boost circulation) can go a long way?


Take Simsim (sesame) for one!
Applying Sesame oil regularly to the hair strengthens hair roots, prevents excessive brittleness and split ends, and also works to nourish the hair shafts. As if that wasn’t enough its fantastic in healing scalp infections, and known to darken hair! Psst suffering from greys? I won’t tell if you won’t!

What are you waiting for? The key to gorgeous hair is in your hands!

Go slather yourself in natures liquid gold!