Abaya Eye Candy

How beautiful is this Abaya?



Drapes, diamentes and exquisite cloth, this simplistic monochrome abaya by La Femme Abaya Collections is an absolute gem..

I love how the design is timelessly elegant, you could wear it to any occasion and be smugly content knowing you look great.

Yes, hearts will break.


Death is the only certainty in life

My dear grandma passed away.
I cannot believe it has almost been a week since she died…

A simple, quiet old lady, when she’d glance at you it wasn’t a mere glance, rather a piercing searching gaze.

I stayed by her bedside in the hospital in her last days, reading Qur’an, supplicating… I was there when she breathed her last…when she read the shahaadah…words cannot explain the tranquility I felt hearing her proclaim her Eman.

May Allah have mercy on her and bestow her with al-Firdaws – Aameen

Outfit du jour

I’ll keep it simple.
Here’s what I wore last week, just playing around with colour 🙂

Apologies for the poor photo quality!

Shoes – Dorothy Perkins
Abaya – Random shop in Makkah
Grey gunmetal skirt – River Island
Black top/Necklace – New Look

When worn.

Make up I wore
Foundation – Guerlain
E/s – MAC
Mascara – Dior/YSL
Bronzer – Clarins
Pressed Powder – YSL
Lipstick – dont remember :/