Gold treasures

Now don’t get me wrong, i’m not a fan of heavy asian jewellery but this here deserves some lurve.



Outfit Du Jour: Old and New

This picture is one that I actually posted a while back on instagram. Whilst its not exactly a full shot its enough to see the little details!

This is something that I would just chill around the house in, something super comfortable and cute – but doesn’t look like your pyjamas – lucky for you all I twisted the arm of my cousin to model *YAY*



Teal and maroon Jalabiya: Boutique in KSA

Tiffany inspired necklace and bracelet: Dubai Mall

Model: Cousin

Do you have any favourites to lounge around in?

Accessorise With Arabic Calligraphy!

I absolutely adore Arabic Calligraphy.

There’s just something so beautiful about it – the femininity, the soft curves, a timeless blend of traditional and modern..Even if you cannot read Arabic it’s elegant script & composition is beautiful to behold…

In recent times, we’ve gotten used to the appearance of Arabic calligraphy in exhibitions, museums, canvases & art and design. Thats exactly why I was so excited to come across Ahlaam Ali’s jewellery designs – all incorporating this stunning dynamic script.

How beautiful is this ring? You can get it personalised with your name too.
I can’t wait to get my hands on something like this!

Cufflinks for the man in your life! I LOVE!
How smart are they? Starched dishdasha, these shiny cufflinks & aviator glasses…dayum.

Tiffany inspired necklaces – so so cute!!
Pair with a simple tee for a nonchalant but stylish look.

Block ring with initials – now thats what I call a statement ring. Against a black abaya it would totally stand out!

…and the best till last, oversized earrings. Speechless.
I would totally rock those.

What do you think about these pieces? Which one do you like the most?
I love everything I’ve posted so far <;3

Would you proudly sport Arabic bling???

To order

Phone number: 00971502272071
Blackberry: 282e07d0

Dress Like Dello Russo

If we thought H&M struck gold with the Marni Collaboration then Anna Del Russos’ in an entirely different league..

I did try to contain myself, to stop myself from jumping on the bandwagon, of being swept up in the inherent wave of thrilled bloggers all singing praise of Anna Del Russo & her collaboration with H&M…but what’s a girl to do?

When faced with the tantalising prospect of owning such glam accessories, one just has to succumb – for writing is all you can do to let out steam – to quell the ignited fire.

This golden Alice-In-Wonderland collaboration will include evening clutches, jewellery, shoes and a supposed trolley (travel suitcase in british lay-man terms).

Here’s the sneak peak pic that showcases some of the items to, gold & more gold..yay!

My absolute favourite is the Fayrouz (turqoise) bag (I mean the gold one on left with turk stone) it reeks of versace, wealth and societies elite…How lush would it look paired with a jet black abaya & the almost-but-not-quite overdone YSL arty ring?

Yves Saint Laurent ring

I can’t wait! 😀

3abaya com entry

Since its the first time I’m using polyvore I don’t think I’ve done that bad!
Admittedly, its not awesome but there’s something we could work with…
or am I just kidding myself?

3abaya com entry
[edit] my mum just told me the dress is hideous and does not go in the slightest
she suggested a camel rust shade bordering on red; but won’t that be too much red?