Outfit Du Jour: Old and New

This picture is one that I actually posted a while back on instagram. Whilst its not exactly a full shot its enough to see the little details!

This is something that I would just chill around the house in, something super comfortable and cute – but doesn’t look like your pyjamas – lucky for you all I twisted the arm of my cousin to model *YAY*



Teal and maroon Jalabiya: Boutique in KSA

Tiffany inspired necklace and bracelet: Dubai Mall

Model: Cousin

Do you have any favourites to lounge around in?


||Reem al-Hemaidan|| Delicious Dara’ahs

Having lost my mojo for blogging I came across these jaw-dropping dara’ahs
– simply breathtaking.

Combining mesmerising Arabic Script, luscious colours & feminine drapes Reem al-Hemaidans’ kaftans are sure to add pizzaz to your wardrobe.

For more details on ReemInstagram: @reem_alhemaidan
Email: reem.collection@gmail.com

Dubai Style

I apologise for the lack of posts..
I was too busy holidaying in the UAE 😉

What can I say about thee O Dubai?

You’re an assault to the senses,
An intoxicating tingling of tastebuds,
And an ensnaring vortex when it comes to my hard earned cash

I’ll leave you all with a sneak peak


Yes its Fashion…Dubai style