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Meet this velvet beauty by Oscar de la renta


Love at first glance!

How gorgeous would it be adjusted into an abaya? Absolute luxury!


Trio Couture

As given away in the name, Trio Couture was launched in 2010 by three young women. Hailing from Abu Dhabi the trio have invented their own interpretations of Abayas, Jalabiyas and yes even wedding gowns.  


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Below are some of my favourite pics from their current and previous collections.

IMG_1398 IMG_1446






Traditional culture married with stylish couture
Whats your favourite piece?

Abaya Checkmate!

If you read this blog regularly then you’ve already seen me rave about Ta Marbota..

Checkered ◽◾#embroidery #handmade #blackandwhite #pmtm2013 #tamarbota #checkered #style

If, however, you thought they couldn’t get any better you were wrong.
Introducing 60s glamour with  checks *whispers* JUST like Louis Vuitton

you can be fashionable AND modest.

Dubai Style

I apologise for the lack of posts..
I was too busy holidaying in the UAE 😉

What can I say about thee O Dubai?

You’re an assault to the senses,
An intoxicating tingling of tastebuds,
And an ensnaring vortex when it comes to my hard earned cash

I’ll leave you all with a sneak peak


Yes its Fashion…Dubai style


Maisha Creations

Founder of Maisha Creations, Mehwish Afzal may not be a name many of you are familiar with but she’s definitely a designer you’ll be hearing more of.

Derived from Arabic word meaning ‘New Life’ Maisha Creations are breathing life into Dubai’s ever evolving fashion scene.

Having moved to the UAE from Pakistan at the tender age of three, Mehwish has an unparalleled appreciation of fabric, its minutiae & intricacities.

Luscious infusions of silk, chiffon and swarovski paired with breathtaking drapes and a cocktail of striking and subtle hues – it’s no surprise Mehwish is making a name for herself on the run way…and speaking of runways, Maisha creations have graced plenty.

Her graceful designs have strutted down the catwalks of some of the UAE’s most anticipated fashion shows including both the prestigious Dubai and Abu Dhabi Bride Show!

Maisha Creations

Though Maisha Creations specialise in Jalabiyas the glamour doesn’t stop there. Unique cocktail dresses, evening gowns and even a made-to-order wedding dress service is available!

How would you rock these glam dresses? Would you dare to wear?

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