Making Change: One Abaya at a Time

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We’ve all seen it before.
The patronising smiles…the snide news reports.

We’ve read the multitude of articles waxing lyrical about the conservative attire of Muslim, and in particular Saudi women. Taunts such as ‘shapeless’ and ‘morbid’ were widespread. The most frequent outcry of the heinous oppression these women in their modest robes faced was

‘Well its suppressing their fashion sense and individuality – they all bloody look the same’

as someone once succinctly said.

Not any more.

Whilst that may have rang true; in KSA things are well changing. Theres a murmur of reform afoot.

Yes, wearing the Abaya may be viewed as a form of compulsory dress and a religious obligation, but it also happens to be the Saudi woman’s essential accessory. Say what you like – but a Hermes Birkin just doesn’t look as suave with an untailored ‘Abaya!

The next time you see a gaggle of Abaya clad woman (they always travel in groups lol) take a closer look; kimono sleeves, a clinched in waist, a play on fabric – I can guarantee you it’ll all be there and more.

Jeddah based Rawan Azhar (anyone noticed how much talent Jeddah is churning out?) Abaya designer of Ta Marbota is one of the many designers heralding this savvy-fashion shift in Saudi Arabia – one Abaya at a time.

Ta Marbota is the name given to the suffix added to feminise nouns in the Arabic language – I couldn’t have chosen a better name myself!

Womanhood personified Ta Marbota abayas are wholly female – we know that women appreciate the finer things in life – and Ta Marbota caters exactly to the whims of a woman. There’s beauty in every element from their fabrics and designs, to their finishings and textures.

Simple but chic, her newest collection dubbed ‘The Whimsical Butterfly’ is aptly named.

Just as a butterfly is flighty, free spirited and unrestrained her ‘Abayas emanate an unrestrained amount of chic.

Incredibly feminine, its clear what sort of a woman would opt for a Ta Marbota abaya – one who is self assured, refuses to be subject to mundane trends and boundaries – to put it simply a pioneer of fashion.

Which one is your favourite piece?

An eclectic fusion of aqua, stripes and retro polka dots, there’s sure to be an abaya you’ll be dotty about…

Don’t forget to follow Rawan on instagram @ta_marbota


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