The Not-So-Humble Dara’ah

The harsh desert sand billowing against you, the cloying, intoxicating scent of bakhoor clouding the air, sultry kohl rimmed eyes & bejewelled fabrics

You might think it’s hard to encapsulate Arabia into a dress, but with their vibrant peacock colours, sumptuous textures & striking ethnic prints; these glorious dara’ahs (from the Ada by Anjalee collection) do exactly that.

You’ve heard of Jalabiyas, but what about the Dara’ahs? Playing a rich role in kuwaiti life, culture and fashion Dara’ahs have evolved – and they’re here to stay.

what I LOVE about Anjalees dresses (aside from the eclectic trans-indian fusion which is phenomenal!) are their striking silhouettes; tailored pleats, a clinched-in waist here, uber chic frilled sleeves there & also the luscious FANTABULOUS colour palettes a far cry away from the traditional dara’ahs prevailent in ye old times

You can EVEN kill two birds with one stone – not only are these dresses lavish they’re incredibly comfortable – put it this way – I can easily imagine lounging around my home in one of these pieces (as cool as a cat) in comparison to some other jalaabiyat which (let’s face it) are absolutely gorgeous but you know that as soon as you set foot in your home you’ll be i t c h i n g to take them off….

Style AND comfort.
These are winners all around!

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