Of Sales, Spikes & Shoes

It doesn’t matter what colour, creed or religion you are – there’s one thing women ALL over the world can relate to – a passion for fashion.

You probably already knew about the River Island sale that went live yday! Hundreds of early birds flocked to their local stores at 8 am to get a chance of the action…what for? 4 items at an additional 50% off! BARGAIN I KNOW.

Now I absolutely adore our British High street brands – they are exceptional so obviously I couldn’t just stay at home – off I went!

Psychedelic printed dress I bought, what? Dont look at me like that, i’m coming out of my shell

They had tonnes and tonnes of flats and I couldn’t resist buying lots and lots of them…aye four pairs were absolutely necessary. My favourites are the black and white patent ones with the gold buckle; Meow

Do any of you guys wear flats or heels all the way?

I actually did a double-take when I saw this long lace jacket sitting smugly on the rail beckoning to me, I grabbed it as quickly as I could and shoved it straight into my shopper bag. It was £75 and I got it for….£12.50

You already met my harem of flats, obviously they need a man – meet the king of the jungle

Everytime I see those shoes in my room I have a mad urge to go and stroke them.

All in all, a productive shopping experience! alhamdulillah

Oh and then I went to Monsoon, more on that another time..

Did anybody else pop down or perhaps you shopped from the comfort of your living room online? Who knows!

I’d love to see your thoughts/hauls!


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