Death By Sugar

Salam alaykum, Peace, Marhaba and welcome!

I’ve been absent and lurking due to other commitments for what seems like forever but now I’m back!

Funnily enough I’ve noticed a huge influx of hits and traffic in the past week or so – Hallelujah!

Welcome Dear Friends! O Ye who stumbled across my humble virtual budoir don’t be shy – relax – mi casa es tu casa…feel free to leave me a message or something sometime šŸ˜‰

Having extended warm welcomes & tied up the niceties, allow me to show you what my taste buds have been partying to, BOY have they been living it up.

A teeny tiny part of me is saying ‘Reem, are you mad?’

‘Do you really want to show the whole world what a fatty you are?’

Are you seriously going to show how you and a friend massacred not merely a single desert but three?’

The answer: yes I am

Huge thanks to my friend without whom the day would have been totally boring ā¤ love you!

I could barely move an inch after.
Heck, I couldn’t even sleep.

My tummy was in pain as I rolled around and had a muted sugar rush.
I was on a Halal High.
Was it worth it? HELL YES!!!

P.S We didn’t just binge on sweets we had lunch too.
P. P. S Namely crispy chilli chicken, garlic prawns, steak, chips and schezwan noodles
P.P.P.S I’m on a diet from tomorrow.

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