Of Cupcakes, Macarons & Cardamom

It’s no secret that the things we cherished as young children continue to hold a secure place in our hearts…In fact, that very well may be the exact reason why the objects associated with fond childhood memories have the ability to become great marketing potentials, and have become phenomenal hits.

Lets take cupcakes as a prime example, a dozen well-baked, intricately decorated cupcakes will have us all shreiking with delight and you can bet your last riyal their’ll be a resonating chorus of oohs & aahs.

Their triumph? Perhaps reminiscent memoirs of baking with mama in the kitchen? Or the sheer detail and never-ending possibilities of flavours and designs? Maybe the exhiliration of no constraint?

Take Macarons as another. Yes, their taste and texture hold their own right BUT it’s the pastel shades – the primary colours of sorbet lemon, pistachio green and icy pink that truly makes us rub our hands with glee.

I must confess that It was with similarly kindled emotions that I ruffled through the pictures of Haal Incs’ 03 Abaya collection. Fun, suave, contemporary & at the same time down-right swanky. They’ve managed to hit the nail on the head – Yes Abayas – but all radiating energy, spirit & freedom.

Neons, colour blocking and a theme park!
Whats not to love?

IMO the ‘abandoned amusement park’ photoshoot is nothing short of inspired. Honestly, how many Abaya companies have you seen with such a playful concept?
I’ll answer that for you. Zero.
and I absolutely LOVE the lipstick! (must ask what was used)

They’ve sucessfully captured the essence of the line, reflecting exactly what their Abayas & Clientelle are – women with pizzaz, fun & whimsical, whilst simultaneously reinforcing exactly what their range is not – boring, dated & stuffy.

So as I depart to revise allow me to leave you with some wise words of wisdom:

Just as Haal (from ‘Heil’ cardamom) would be unanimously agreed upon to be a kitchen staple, A Haal Inc abaya may just be as crucial to your wardrobe!

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What do you think?
Would you rock a Haal Inc piece?

4 thoughts on “Of Cupcakes, Macarons & Cardamom

  1. Reem, forgive me but I must say this again: I absolutely adore your writing style! LOL! 😀 It is pure perfection! You are so captivating, and your words are so descriptive. I can get lost in your writing because you provide such beautiful imagery. There is a particular kind of writing style that always allures me, and I desperately desire to write in this way. And honey, you got it!!! 😉 I love the pictures and these unique styles! The cranberry lipstick is to die for! 😀 It’s so bold but not overbearing. It goes fantastic with what she’s wearing and just adds that perfect “pop” of color. I would totally rock a Haal Inc piece! 😀 My favorite is the last picture, where she looks to be wearing a teal and taupe striped shawl/vest. Awesome! Thanks for sharing! 😉

    • Awww thanks darling

      Haalinc said the model is wearing a combination of NARS lipsticks blended together, its lush! They said theyd get back to me re the exact shades ^_^

      What i love about these abayas is that their so fun! So those women that opt to wear the abayas and dress modestly/conservatively dont need to stifle their personalities – and for me thats great.

      I cant pick a favourite one, i see the lime green tux one and day dream about pairing it with my (futureinmydreams) lime green hermes birkin, i see the turquoise one and i can see the spiked yolanda louboutin pumps – so i think if i ever pop round to jeddah i should stay faaaar away from haalinc as i’d probably end up buying the whole collection LOL

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