Why I love Kanzi

Anyone who keeps an avid eye on Abaya & Jalabiya Couture could tell you without a moments hesitation that simple is the new extravagant.

In recent years, Middle Eastern fashion has undergone a noticeable shift. Gone are the days of bright gaudy colours, random embellishments and thick, heavy embroidery… Now it’s all about a balanced pop of colour, haute embellishments (not something a five year old could put together), various fabrics, cuts & textures – more or less muted than the previous sparkle but by no means dull..

However, lets be honest…we love to hate the Khaleej for its ostentatiousness and lasciviousness. We secretly love the name-dropping, the high-end labels, bag envy, diamonds and yes dare I admit it? Even the gamboo3a

So for me, Kanzi (Facebook/Twitter) are the perfect marriage between old and new, modern yet glamorous..and with just the right amount of bling – to accentuate but not overpower – lovingly crystallised with swarovski elements the name ‘Kanzi’ is truly one to watch. If till now, Arabian Couture was in its teething phase, Kanzi have sucessfully aided its transition to a more established, elegant and well-poised era.

Not only are Kanzi doing incredibly well at home in the UAE with a loyal and also royal clientele list, their coveted gowns are also available at Harrods!
Who would have thought the world famous brand synonymous with luxury would be linked to the humble Arabian dress?
Now if that isn’t an accolade enough to Shk.Amal Al Maktoum and Raghda Taryams’ designing finesse then I don’t know what is!

Here is some more eye candy to feast on…All of a similar model I believe

Beautifully ethereal

I’m getting that kid stuck to toy-shop window-display-feeling

Don’t you just adore the embellished leggings?

This exquisite ensemble was not just made to be worn…it requires savouring, appreciation and respect. Its wearer too should bask in its glory..be waited upon hand and foot..all the while being fed luscious macarons sprawled against a chaise-longueonly the best will suffice.

11 thoughts on “Why I love Kanzi

    • Hi cookies, thanks for stopping by!

      Glad you enjoyed the article,
      Kanzi have a boutique in Sharjah UAE, if you’re british though your nearest stop will probably be Harrods!

      Alternatively email them directly at info@kanzi.ae or fill in the order form on their website http://www.kanziboutique.com

      You can also follow kanzi on twitter/instagram im sure theyll respond promptly to you!

      Let me know how you get along x

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