The arab rumpelstiltskin

Who hasn’t heard or read of Rumpelstiltskin?

The rogue fairy tale character who could weave the unimaginable and spin straw into gold

Simply a fairy tale figure? Nay!

Let me introduce you to the modern-day Arab Rumpelstiltskin; Lebanese Rami Kadi.

A magician of cloth, this beautifully embroidered champagne silk gazar dress (from Ramis’ 2012 bridal collection) is the perfect emblem of femininity, luxury and point blank sumptuousness…

I would kill to wear this to my own informal Nikah party. Just give me a moment to set the scene; a balmy evening, 50 or so odd guests, a quiet intimate soiree, this masterpiece, long loose curls and soft smokey eyes…

I’d be the perfect princess.
Who said fairy tales were dead?

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