Flawless neck, ladies?


We’re all guilty of neglecting our neck, if you happen to be one of the select few who religiously include their neck in their facial routine I salute you! For the rest of us lazy bums, boo hiss, more often than not we tend to slather our faces in whatever we can get our mitts on but neglect the neck…

Did you know the neck is one of the fastest areas to age? why I hear you ask? well, the neck has less oil glands and thus is more prone to lines, wrinkles and all of those not-so-wonderful things…

If you too are a culprit, fear not! you can flaunt a radiant, polished neck with two simple steps

(1)CLEANSE the neck area twice a day – other than getting rid of daily grime it also aids circulation and eliminates the build up of dead cells

(2)RELIGIOUSLY moisturise with an appropriate moisturiser

Two simple steps to a more youthful neckline. Trust me, you’ll thank me later 🙂

2 thoughts on “Flawless neck, ladies?

  1. Good to bring the attention on the neck! I usually try to apply the same treatment to my neck as to my face? Exfoliate the face and the neck, moisture the face and the neck :)) great tips!

  2. thanks for stopping by! its so refreshing to have somebody comment and not just ‘like’ a post,
    but hey im not complaining 🙂
    exfoliating is great but its important to be extremely gentle as the neck skin is very sensitive! same with using creams which are for the face aslong as they’re gentle its fine otherwise better to use creams specifically for the neck

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