Post-Wax Doughnut Scrub


I love doughnuts.

Krispy Kremes, house of doughnuts…even the local bakery ones mmMm. Drool-worthy soft doughy carbohydrates with an array of sugary mouth-popping sprinkles; just what the hips don’t need. My all-time favourites though are doughnuts rolled in sweet cinnamon sugar, bliss!

OK I can envision puzzled frown lines, how are doughnuts linked to waxing?

Sabr sabr, all in good time!

This DIY scrub is a super simple concoction that’ll leave your skin silky smooth and smelling simply scrumptious

Doughnut Scrub:
Half cup Brown sugar
Half cup honey
Quarter cup Olive oil
Lemon juice
3-4 heaped tbsp cinnamon

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