Sequins as you’ve never seen them before


That tiny seven lettered word which remains such a mystery to women worldwide…

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve come across sequinned horrors and hideous fashion fauxpas.

Yes, i’m sure you’ve seen it too; form fitting, bulge revealing, vulgar eyesores…Alas! Rarely are sequins worn tastefully off the catwalk.

Suffice to say, i’m sure you can tell I have a deep aversion to sequins. I turn my nose up at those sparkly, gaudy, little baublesI shall not succumb.

Oh but I did.

All of my self assumed pompousness crumbled at the sight of this retro beauty..


Elegant but quirky, Saudi designer Effa al-Dabbagh ( decided to tease with this gorgeous creation. A sneak peak from the forthcoming SS12 collection…

Without a doubt, a head turner.

As for me? I need help. I’m already envisioning myself in it running barefoot across carefully manicured lawns at a midnight party under the full moon with slightly dishevelled big hair…

Yeah, i’ve got it bad.
I’m caught…hook, line and sinker.

How would you wear it?

2 thoughts on “Sequins as you’ve never seen them before

  1. I love wearing sequins but not exaggerated, especially when you are veiled.
    There has been really very nice model this season.
    Moreover, I’m writing an article about it, but I still have not published. šŸ™‚

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